How Much Do ASL Interpreters Make?

A sign language interpreter is a person equipped with skills to convert spoken language into a sign language. An interpreter can work for various institutions including schools, health institutions, a court of law, government agencies among others. In terms of their job duties and responsibilities, there is a slight difference with the institution’s policy otherwise the concept is the interpretation. In this article, we shall discuss matters of ASL (American sign language) interpreters.

There are qualifications to become an ASL which include, bachelor’s degree in sign language, Certification English proficiency and communication and or certification in a foreign language. They are recruited across the 50 states of America with different pay and terms of conditions among other things that we shall look into.

Responsibilities of the Position:

For Court ASL

  1. Under court, supervision performs in person or video conferencing interpretation of all court proceedings.
  2. Provide interpretation services for hearing-impaired juniors in courtrooms and non-courtrooms.

3.Provision of language access services to individuals with hearing impairment as mandated by Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA).

For Medical ASL

  1. Acting as an intermediary in communication between a foreign language and English differences among the patient and health care professional.
  2. Interpreting signs from a deaf patient towards the Doctor and communicating to the patient in signs on behalf of the doctor.
  3. Helping inpatient physical assessment instructions.

For Criminal intelligent agencies (CIA)

  1. Support intelligence professionals with deep knowledge in various topics of importance so as they can learn basic sign language including terrorism, technology, and geography.
  2. Make use of strong vocabulary skills in delivering interpretation services for deaf and hard-of-hearing in the agencies.
  3. Managing interagency and interoffice activities of varying complexity i.e corporate accessibility and reasonable accommodation.

Other government agencies ASL:

  1. Taking part in the agencies’ press conference interpretation.

2. Proving interpretation services for deaf accessing services at the said agency.

3. Taking part in scrutiny of sign language training institutions on behalf of supervising agency.

4. Taking part in interpretation during interviews of deaf and hard-on hearing government recruits as stipulated by human rights.

The Average Salary for ASL:

ASL as one of the jobs that are not assumed by many has a high demand for human capital and therefore a better pay per hour in the United States. Actually, the job is one of the best paying in the United States.

According to statistics by ZipRecruiter, on average, their wage per hour ranges from $20.44/hr ($42,523/annually) in North Carolina to $28.37/hr (59,002/ annually) in New York City. Additionally, according to the Bureau of statistics of the United States Department of Labor, in May 2018 the average salary for ASL stood at $24 which is, $49,930 annually.

Agencies you can sign up with:

There are various agencies that can help you towards getting the network into ways that can get you employment opportunities at your doorstep.

  1. Day Translations

Available at is a site that basically carries out major events interpretations like agency conferences. The site also carries tasks of translating videos from one language to another.ASL can join this site through a quick registration and get part-time interpretation jobs as events arise.


It is a popular website for job seekers. Many employers for different professions post arising jobs here in the US. For instance, there are currently ASL interpreter jobs posted. The site is available at and once you sign up, you can opt to be receiving email notifications when a related job is posted. Normally, when you click on a particular job post, it redirects your employers’ website or main job application form where you apply externally thus guaranteeing your data privacy protection. Additionally, there is no application fee imposed by the site.

3. Glassdoor

Available at is a website where ASL interpreter can land on the right job. Just like, the site redirects you to the respective employer job application form once you click on a job post. It is free to post and apply for a job. The site has been designed with better experience where you can even specify the salary range for filtering job searches on the site.


ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters is one of the most demanded group since they deal with people with disability in the society, a field that does not specialize in. If you have training in the field many chances are, you will land in a job of your comfortable conditions. You can use the above sites among others to apply for many current opportunities already posted there. Other sites will also notify you when an opportunity is posted. Finally, it is wise to always keep your resume updated for positions that need to be filled within a short span.