Michigan Sign Language Interpreters: Careers

Exceptional Employment Opportunities for Michigan Sign Language Interpreters

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People who are hearing impaired or deaf use sign language to communicate. However, not all people have knowledge of sign language. A sign language interpreter is required to facilitate proper and seamless communication between people who hear normally and the deaf or hearing impaired.

If you are in Michigan, then you need to know all about Michigan sign language interpreter opportunities open to you. This will inform your decision to follow a career in this field.

This article will give you pertinent information for those considering following a career in this niche.

Section 1: Types of Sign Language Interpreters:

Firstly, the description of a sign language interpreter is one who helps deaf or hearing impaired people understand the spoken language through conversion to sign language in group or one-on-one settings.
The interpreters work in a wide range of industries such as court or judiciary interpreters, medical interpreters educational interpreters and so many more.

All these can be grouped into three broad categories.
a) Education

These are interpreters who work in an educational setting, from elementary school up to university education. Their work schedule is determined by the class schedule of the institution they work in. They listen to the teacher and then sign so the deaf can learn at the same rate as those who can hear.
This job is noble, just like that of the teacher, and the interpreter will have the satisfaction of knowing that he or she is shaping the lives of students who are hard of hearing.

b) Community

These interpreters work in a community setting, such as banks, hospitals, courthouses, offices etc. The setting is different every day, so the job is quite exciting. Their work schedule is flexible, since they are called in only when there are people who have difficulties present in any setting. E.g. A court case involving a deaf person.
c)Video Relay Service (VRS) or Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

These interpreters work in remote communication services. When you watch the news, you may see a closed caption with an interpreter signing what the new anchor is saying. The same can be done during a telephone call, where a video call is used to communicate with a deaf person at the other end of the call.

Their work schedule is dependent on the time that news or calls are made, so it is also easy and flexible.

Section 2: Average salary/compensation for sign language interpreters

Basically, there is little variance between the salaries of sign language interpreters across a wide range of industries. Only sign language interpreters in highly sensitive sectors will get higher salaries. F

For example – a sign language interpreter at a school and another at a bank will earn almost the same salary per year. However, one who works in a medical environment will earn a higher salary due to the sensitive nature of their position.

Other variances will depend on the individual company that is employing the interpreter. One media company may pay higher than the other based on its profile and status.

Sign language interpreter salaries vary by state. Take a look at the following figures:
• New York – $28.37 per hour ($59,002 per annum)
• Nebraska – $26.16 per hour ($54,418 per annum)
• Washington – $25.80 per hour ($53,654 per annum)
• Michigan – $22.67 per hour ($47,147 per annum)
• North Carolina – $20.44 per hour ($42,523 per annum)

From these figures, you can see that the average compensation for sign language interpreters in the United States varies from $42,523 to $59,002 per year.

Section 3: Employment agencies for sign language interpreters

Several employment agencies include sign language as one of the job categories in their portfolios. Get to know about Michigan sign language interpreters agencies that you can sign up with:
a) DayTranslations.com

This is a sign language interpreter agency where you sign up, and clients make appointments on the site. They also provide VRS or VRI services using a laptop or tablet.

Click here to learn more about DayTranslations.com

b) Transperfect.com

They offer over-the-phone, Conference, Simultaneous, Consecutive, VRI and Call Center interpretation services.

c) Grahaminc.com
These provide job-specific sign language interpretation. They give out jobs for medical appointments, Government programs, Religious services, Theatrical services, Theatrical performances and a lot more.

The Takeaway:
Sign language interpretation is a noble career. You are helping the hearing impaired and deaf people interact and communicate with the rest of the world. Follow this career and change the lives of these special people in your community.