GoDaddy Hosting Coupon to the Rescue: Set up a Blog Easily

godaddy hosting coupon - set up a blog
How to Set Up a Free Blog in 5 Easy Steps Blogging has become a fantastic tool for those who work in marketing, small businesses, and for the everyday person. They are versatile and can be created by anybody. It may seem like to set up a professional blog, you need a large marketing budget to get great design plus hosting and a domain name. But with a hosting discount, you can get your business’ hosting and domain name set up for the first year for just $12….hardly an unaffordable price. They also have a promotion going right now for 86% off deluxe hosting plans! Here are five steps towards blogging success:

1. Decide on your blogging niche

First and foremost, you must decide on a blogging niche before you begin creating your blog. This is vital because it allows you to imagine what your blog may look like, what the needs of your blog may be, and what sort of name you imagine it to have. All these important decisions rest on what kind of content you are going to produce, which depends completely on the niche that you are going for. Niches can be anything, from a vegan cookery blog to an SEO marketing blog.

2. Decide on a name

From your chosen niche, you should be able to brainstorm a couple of keywords that are related to the type of content you are going to produce. Write down as many relevant keywords as you can, and research other similar blogs to you. By researching other blogs, you can learn how they have named their blogs, and see if there are any patterns which you can use to influence your blog’s name. Once you have some ideas written down, you can use free websites that check whether or not somebody else already owns that domain. It is vital that you choose a blog name that is not being used because if you one day want to buy that domain, you will find that it has already been purchased.

3. Choose a platform to host your blog

There are many different platforms to choose from when finding a free host for your blog. The most popular of all these is WordPress, which offers a free blog set-up for you. However, it is important to research the other platforms too, finding out what each one offers, so that you…